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Mastering engineer Collin Jordan has spent a lifetime in music and sound. Playing drums and percussion as a child in his native South Carolina, he went on to attain both a Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance and an Associate's Degree in Sound and Acoustics from the prestigious School of Music at Indiana University; an institution ranked in the top five music schools in the country. After graduation Collin moved to Chicago and started his career as an intern at the notorious Chicago Trax studios, a facility where both house music and industrial dance music were first professionally recorded in Chicago.

Developing an interest in mastering, his first real mastering job was at a cassette factory in the Chicago suburbs that was making 100,000 cassettes a day in the 90's. This allowed him to begin developing his abilities and led to bigger jobs working out of other studios around the city. Sensing the need for professional mastering in the region, and dissatisfied with any of the existing local studio options, he struck out on his own to create one of Chicago's only studios devoted entirely to music mastering. Working out of a rented space in an abandoned boiler room, Collin literally started at the bottom to build an impressive client list to become Chicago's most experienced mastering engineer. No one in Chicago has been mastering as long as Collin has!

Collin has an extensive musical background with three decades of music performance and touring experience, in addition to his years of study of recording equipment and techniques, acoustical physics, and advanced mathematics. Over the past twenty years he has mastered more than 30,000 songs for clients in over 25 different countries in every genre imaginable, but always remains committed to serving the creative vision of the artist. After all these years, he still enjoys working with musicians and helping them to navigate the critical final steps of the record-making process.

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